Let The Beast Take Flight

let the beast take flight

The warmest of welcomes,

And thank you for taking the time to have a look at The Magpie Rooms, our site for all things design, architecture, art, and the thoughtfully random (magpie musings).  I hope that you stay awhile and that each visit leaves you with something to either think about or engages you enough to help further this lovely discussion that is design.

My name is Adam and I’m an interior architecture graduate that’s been out of uni for a year now after going back to study design after I hit my early 30’s.  Going back to study as a “mature student”, has had its joys and its pitfalls.  Exactly why I want to have a space where I can engage and enjoy with my fellow designers and design lovers, their stories, and what makes a great designer exactly that, great!

I’ve already crossed paths with a designer whose heart is as black as their designs, cluelessly looked into product design, (I’m still searching) and upped sticks and gone to see what there is to see in the great land that is China.  All under the moniker of “getting some experience”.

I look at all those job adverts that have an abundance of senior and intermediate roles advertised but nothing on the junior/graduate level and wonder how I’m going to get that 5 years experience that they so generously ask for.  Short of hanging in there like that beloved cat in a tree that everyone loves to look at, but not reach up and give a hand to, this blog will help all of us who feel that our claws are starting to give way, a place to cling in there that little bit longer.

70's Hang in there Kitty
70’s Hang in there Kitty

I’ve found one of the joys of having a healthy sense of adventure and finding myself on the other side of the world to not only my friends and family but anyone who speaks english, (my 10 Chinese words are slowly getting there) is that it’s allowed me the time to keep a journal of my travels and experience whilst I’m out here.  Something that I’d love to share with who ever will listen and for those of you who I pretty much just gabble at (you know who you are).

So please grab an ice cold coffee and stay awhile.  It’ll be great to hear what you have to think about anything that I’ve opened up for discussion, fallen in love with or have in the pipelines for you to possibly grab for yourself.

I leave you with this thought I absolutely loved from Lauren Lanker (great Marvel name) from thinking closet.com

‘We are more creative as a collective than the most creative in the collective’.


All images and illustrations belong to Adam Harper unless otherwise stated.

2 thoughts on “Let The Beast Take Flight”

  1. Wow, I just blushed at the “Marvel character” compliment you gave to my name. No one has ever said that before, but I’ve always wanted to be a superhero…so, you basically just made my night. Thank you!

    Also, I’m honored for the shout-out! So glad that those words resonated with you. I love how blogland has introduced me to so many inspiring creatives like yourself. Looking forward to your future musings here!

    I so enjoyed reading about your motivations for starting this blog. The cat hanging in a tree is a perfect metaphor for the season of life your in. Just remember that there’s always a way down. It just may come when you least expect it and it may come from the most unlikely of passersby. But it will come!

    Life. Always so full of surprises and the unexpected, isn’t it? Your healthy sense of adventure will be your greatest superpower. Rock on!

    1. Amazing, and thank you for being the first official comment on my shiny new blog. That has truly made my night. It’s scary getting that first post out there but also incredibly exciting. I have a few more in the drafting pipeline and can’t wait to share more of my adventures with yourself, and gather together my tiding of lovely little magpies. Once again a heart felt thank you and get the word out that there’s a new blog in the pecking order.


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